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Tellus urna hjälper till att forma ett personligare avsked. Urnan som finns i olika utföranden smyckas med sidenband, text och avtagbar symbol.
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After a product development process of one and a half years the TELLUS concept was launched at the Swedish undertakers’ association’s congress in Gothenburg. The reception from the participants was very positive and we had many lovely meetings and conversations at our booth.

The TELLUS Urn was approved by SBT (Consultancy Group Funeral Wood Industry) and by SKKF (Swedish Cemetery and Cremation Federation) on April 8, 2013.

The jury’s citation: ”Forward thinking and thought-out product in a lovely booth in combination with a host with a great engagement. A whole new urn concept was presented.”

Susanne received the prize from Stefan Sauk at Hotel Clarion Post in Gothenburg, April 27 2013.

I feel immensely grateful for this award and for the positive reception during the congress. The TELLUS concept is a tribute to my beloved father, life and love!

We were present at the Swedish trade show in Gothenburg and we feel humbled by the number of visitors to our booth and by the great feedback that we have received. The TELLUS Urns were also featured on the local newspapers web news in a feature on trends in the funeral industry.

When we get feedback like this during the cold and dark winter we feel overwhelmed by gratitude.


We just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy we are over the beautiful urn that J came home in. It is even more beautiful than the pictures you sent.

We cannot express in words how much it means to us that you do what you do, and you service is impeccable. Yet again, thank you for turning one of the worst moments in our lives into something beautiful.

Millennium Design received the award for best exhibitor 2015.

My goal has from the very beginning been to make a difference for people. We have received fantastic feedback from the undertakers at the fair that tells us that the TELLUS Urns make a difference. To once again receive the award for best exhibitor was wonderful and my gratitude is immense.

Susanne Appel, CEO Millennium Design

Fantastic feedback from an undertaker

A seven-year-old girl attended the service when her grandmother’s urn was buried and all of a sudden, she asks the undertaker if she can take the butterfly that is placed on the urn. The answer, of course, is “yes”. Then the girl respectfully takes the butterfly and holds it with both hands and says: “Now I will have grandmother with me always” as the urn is lowered into the ground.

Now we are getting ready for yet another trade show and look forward to many exciting meetings with private individuals and other companies.