TELLUS® urna | Susanne Appel the creator of Tellus's urn
The vision is that with color & shape help people & make life a little easier for both individual and business.
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The history of Tellus Urn!

Susanne’s own words:

“When I let go of my dad’s big hand and carefully placed it on the cover I realized that I at that moment had received a mission. A mission to preserve and pay forward. The result was TELLUS Urn – an urn in memory of my dad.“

I was very engaged and involved in the arrangement of my dad’s funeral. When we were going to select an urn I thought that everything felt impersonal and it was as though time had stood still. It felt as if I was looking at the same urns that we buried my grandparents in approximately 30 years earlier. My dad loved life and his family and for me his funeral, including selecting the right urn, was about how to best honor his life.

TELLUS Urn was born in the instant when I said farewell to my beloved dad and my vision and hope for this unique concept is to create a universal and personal urn ceremony and internment concept. The farewell is such an important ceremony and I want that sentiment to permeate the entire concept.

The thought of me holding this mission I received from my dad in trust – and that it hopefully can help others to create a light and beautiful farewell of a loved one – feels immensely meaningful.

With love, Susanne Appel

About Susanne Appel

CEO, designer and founder of Millennium Design AB

Susanne has a degree in furniture design (BFA) from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked at design offices in New York, Chicago and Stockholm.

With a passion for color, design and function I finally made the decision to start Millennium Design AB (2011) with focus on helping people. Follow the link for more information about MILLENNIUM DESIGN.

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