TELLUS® urna | Tellus urn silk ribbon create a personal farewell
Description of Tellus urn silk ribbon
silk ribbon,optional text, choose between 15 different colors
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TELLUS Silk ribbon makes it possible to create a personal farewell ceremony. Let the color of the ribbon symbolize the loved one’s favorite color and match with the flowers and the funeral leaflet handout.

Information about TELLUS Silk ribbon:

  • Optional for TELLUS urn personal and TELLUS urn in urn
  • Personal text (72 characters maximum)
  • Color of text: Silver foiling
  • Color of your choice on the silk ribbon (15 different colors to chose from)
  • Size: 1” (25 mm) wide
  • Choose between two fonts (Century gothic or Edwardian script)
Click on the images to enlarge. NB! The screen does not offer perfect color reproduction.

Try and write a text

(72 characters maximum)

Tip! If you want the text to stand out, chose a dark color on the silk ribbon.